Which photos do we take.

Brands & Media
Since 2014 we are represented in the cannabis market with qualitative images. We create content for Boveda Inc., Deutscher Hanfverband, Highlife Media and other successful and reputable brands.

You should know that growing and photographing cannabis are two completely different things. It is important for us that our growers have their glorious fruits captured in beautiful photographs so that they can present them on forums or within their own communities.

Events & Fairs
The cannabis market is a growing market. Every year new communities and events are created. Also the fairs are getting more and more. If you are an organizer and you would like to have nice snapshots of your event, then you are in the right place.

Local Stores
No matter whether it is a small grow shop, social club or dispensary. You need nice pictures of your shop area? No problem!

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